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New Video: The Moment Ansel Adams Knew What He Wanted

Watch this interview with Micheal Adams and learn how a simple filter change became one of the biggest moments in the history of photography.‚Äč


Ansel Adams's most iconic photo is arguably his dramatic image of Yosemite's Half Dome. In this just-posted video, his son, Michael, talks about that day, and a career-defining decision to change a filter that would alter his approach to photography forever.

It was his Ah-Ha moment of a lifetime.

"He changed to a red filter, and it was a major decision," said Michael Adams in the video. "But he understood what he was doing...when he developed that glass plate, he realized that he knew what he wanted and he got what he wanted."

Watch and learn how one of the most legendary photographers became who we was!

Trivia question: What was Ansel's career was going to be before he decided on photography?

Video from Mark Silber, Advancing Your Photography


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