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Theme: Black and white photography of any subject where the photographer’s lens captures a moment in time, a facial gesture, a flicker, reflection, glimpse, movement or expression. The work can be expressed from representational to non-representational images.

The exhibit will be marketed to a guest list of 14,000 recipients, will be listed in Art Market News (17K subscribers), and there will be press releases and social media marketing. 

If you're trying to get your photos to rise above the noise, it might be worth the cost of entering.

Learn more and enter.

Call for Entries: B&W Photography Group Exhibition Online

Art Competition, a web site that specializes in exhibiting new talent, has announced its B&W photography competition is open for submissions, with a May 9 deadline. Eighteen photographers will be selected for a group exhibit, "Black & White Photography" at G25N's online gallery, the exhibit and photographers will be extensively marketed.

The exhibit will begin on June 1; selected photographers will be notified on May 20.

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