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Photo by Jose Asz Sigall, student, June 2015

If you've never done street photography, or even if you have and want to become better at it, register now for Street Photography at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography!

Photo by Richard Zeiger, student, June 2015

Photo by Bonnie Rezabek, student, June 2015


Photo by David Powers, student, May 2015

Photo © Mason Resnick
Above, one of my recent shots. Here is a gallery of some of my recent street photos, in case you'd like to see my credentials.

"Well, It's something you do really, really well, and I know how enthusiastic you are about it. I think it's worth teaching street photography in general, because it could help students develop skills quickly that they could apply to many other areas of photography."

"I don't see it," said I. 

"Remember, you can add videos and sample photos," Bryan told me. "Also, you get to critique student photos every week and give students feedback so they'll improve from week to week. There's also a forum so students can talk with you and each other."

"OK, I guess we can give it a try," I said, weakening. 

That was eight years ago. We built it, and despite my concerns, they came. AND, they learned!

Originally called "Finding Order in Chaos", the class has been fine-tuned over the years and yes, students who had never taken a street photo before came out in many cases as outstanding street photographers. Some were absolute snapshooters, others journalists, wedding photographers and others looking to learn a new approach to shake up their work and get their creative juices flowing.

And yes, color or B&W are both acceptable. 

Ideally, I like to have 10-18 students per class because the forums become quite lively and the students interact with each other and have a great experience. But smaller groups are great because I can spend more individualized time with each student. 

Yes, I do have many cool videos of street photographers at work, which I've found has been a good source of inspiration for the students, perhaps almost as good as walking with the photographer in the real world. I give advice about moves and maneuvers to make yourself less noticeable, and talk about form, content, anticipation, and what does and doesn't work within the frame.

My reward is watching the students grow and get over their fear about photographing strangers. Here are a few samples of students' work from last year:

Photo by Elizabeth Combes, student, May 2015.


How I Teach Street Photography Online

I teach the most challenging and rewarding form of photography, Street Photography, online. My students love it! (And they said it couldn't be done!)

By Mason Resnick 

Let's just say that when the idea of teaching a street photography class online, I was skeptical.

Bryan Peterson was on the phone. "Hey Mason, I've got a great idea for an online class in my photography school, and I think you're the best person to teach it." 

"Street photography? Really?" I said. "I dunno...I learned it at a workshop with Garry Winogrand, but he was right there. We were walking with him in the streets of Lower Manhattan and could see firsthand how he worked. How could I possibly recreate that experience online?"

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