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How it works:

Ilford will process 120 and 35mm-format film, with a basic $17 proessing fee that includes 18MP image files (good enough for up to 11x14-inch prints) on CD; larger scans are available as well. You can also order 4x6 print sets for between $8 and $12, depending on the number of images per roll. Ilfrod also processes 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 sheet film.

Turnaround time is 2-4 working days, and you can choose from USPS first class to various other private ground and overnight delivery options. Ilford will also ship to Canada or other countries via USPS.

If you shoot digitally, Ilford will print your files on Silver Gelatin photographic paper. Pricing is quite reasonable, with "self-corrected" 8x10s costing $7.69. A monitor calibration target can be downloaded so you can have consistent results from monitor to print.

Customers download a mail order developing developing form.  You can order pre-paid mailers for B&W film. The service, which has been available in the UK for many years, is now in the US for the first time since the digital era closed many film processing plants.

Visit Ilford Lab Direct.

We Knew It! Ilford Is Bringing B&W Film Processing Service to US

Black and White Film Photography is making a comeback. Why else would Ilford open a new B&W Film Lab in California? Learn more!

Another sign of the return of black-and-white photography: Harmon Technology Ltd, which owns the Ilford brand, has  just opened a film processing facility in California providing traditional black-and-white film processing and printing. The San Clemente-based Ilford Lab Direct also offers silver-based prints from uploaded digital images.


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