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How does this work? Each of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of built-in lenses is stretchable, so the lens can change its shape to adapt to the curvature of the sheet. This will avoid gaps between lenses that aren't flexible. As you bend the sheet in, its effective focal length increases. As you bend it outwards, it becomes a wide-angle lens.


The goal of this still-conceptual camera is to create a flexible imaging device that could be fitted on doors, self-driving cars, or as an almost flat camera with no protruding lenses or parts that could be used for snapshots and other photography, including black-and-white.


Here's an idea: Why not create a "sheet camera" using a similar concept that could be inserted into sheetfilm cameras for large-format digital photos?

This Flexible Sheet Isn't Like Any Camera You've Ever Seen

Meet a mind-blowing camera of the future: A flexible, flat sheet that zooms as you bend it! 

Think back ten years: Could you have imagined 36MP sensors, cameras with ISOs over 100,000, or mirrorless interchangeble-lens compacts, the ability to transmit your images over thin air from any camera...or phones with cameras that were so good, they replaced compact point-and-shoot cameras? 


The following may seem far out, but after that changes we've seein in photographic technology in recent years, clearly anything is possible.


Researchers at Columbia university have revealed what they describe as a "radically different" camera concept. The camera looks like a thick sheet, but it consists of a  flexible sheet that's packed with micro lenses and miniature sensors. Here's where it gets crazy: When you bend it, its focal length changes!


Here's the video explaining how it works:

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