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First of a series of portfolios profiling photographers active on the Facebook page "I Love Black & White Photography"



I studied Drexel University's College of Media Arts and Design. I was studying a career path that I was never to follow after I left school—fashion. But while I was there, I did take two darkroom photography classes. I found picture making really interesting but I was also into fine arts. 

I moved to NYC in 1986 and got into a career in visual merchandising. At home I made collages from books I picked up from the Strand. I was particularly drawn to old Soviet b&w picture books with silver gelatin prints. There was a quality to the physical images--the inky blacks and the metallic whites that transfixed me. The idea of actually having a camera and setting up a darkroom, tho seemed out of my reach. 

Fast forward many years to an iPhone being placed in my hands with an app called blux camera. All of a sudden I was able to take pictures the way I thought them. This led to a dslr, Lightroom, Photoshop, Silver Efex, etc, a lot of self-learning. That's the nutshell version of me and photography.

—Tony Kushner

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web site: www.tonyakimbo.com
email: tonyakimbo@me.com

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