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Mason says: Now that's how to shoot a selfie!

Welcome to Silver!

Announcing the launch of black-and-white-photogs.com, AKA Silver. Our goal is to become the most important place on the Internet for black-and-white photographers and people who love the art and artistry of black-and-white photographs.

Why Silver?

We chose the name Silver as a tribute to Silver Halide, the photo-sensitive material that has coated black-and-white film for over 100 years. While many of us have moved on to pixels, sensors and Photoshop, there are still many photographers who continue to shoot on film. We will serve both film and digital black-and-white photographers.

We will provide useful information and how-to articles, present portfolios by and interviews with famous and up-and-coming photographers, looks at the latest technologies and the art and craft of traditional and nontraditional processes, news and fun stuff, and more. We hope to serve beginners, intermediate and advanced photographers with useful information.

How did this start?

Silver's legacy is a web site, no longer in operation, called Black-and-White World. The site, which operated from 1995-2005, was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to black-and-white photography. It was also inspired by the fast growth and popularity of the Facebook group, "I Love Black & White Photography."

Silver is a re-boot and re-imagining of Black-and-White World, and in our humble opinion, much, much better and more ambitious in its scope. And it comes into being because...we love black-and-white photography!

Starting small but growing

We're starting out with a handful of articles, and will be posting new ones weekly. Join our mailing list (right) and we'll let you know when new content has been added.

Thanks for joining us!

Mason Resnick
Editor/Publisher and Founder, Silver

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