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That's Garry, on the right, with the Leica, showing us how it's done on the streets of New York. The last time I saw him, when he visited Queens College in 1980, I asked him to sign the print. He had stopped smoking shortly before I shot this, and wasn't happy about how much weight he'd gained, but he signed the print anyway. © 1976 by Mason Resnick 

Garry Winogrand died of pancreatic cancer at age 56 in 1984 and left over 2,500 rolls of undeveloped film, 6,500 rolls of processed film, 3,000 rolls of contact sheets that evidently hadn't been looked at--a total of 12,000 rolls, or 432,000 photos Winogrand took but never saw. Some of these images were published posthumously in Figments from The Real World and Garry Winogrand (published in conjunction with the retrospective show at SFMOMA).
The above article originally appeared in the June 1988 issue of  Modern Photography . It was written by Mason Resnick, the founder of this Black-And-White-Photogs, who was the associate editor of Modern at the time. NOTE: This article has been reproduced on several other web sites over the years. This is the original source, posted by the author. Accompanying images may not be copied or reposted without the author's permission. 

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