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Torrent's goal is not just to show off what appears to be an impressive collection of vintage film cameras and user-collectibles, what he calls "beauties from the past and present, because they're still being used today." He wants to teach you how the cameras work.


"My main interest," he says, "is using the cameras. Obtaining film for them, going out into the world, actually shooting pictures." He promises mini-tutorials on how to use the cameras, since "a lot of these manuals are now missing, and the cameras are sitting on shelves because people don't know how to use them any more."


Torrent is interested in all kinds of cameras—medium format, large format, 35mm. But unlike many camera collectors, he's going to show you how these "crack-'n-load" cameras work in the real world. 


All of the videos in the Old Cameras channel are shot in Black & White. BOOM, baby!

Seriously, I like the tone and approach of this video series. His information is solid and he presents in an informal but useful way.

Here are a few of his videos, shared with his permission, for your viewing pleasure.

This YouTube Channel Shows You How To Use Your Old Film Cameras!

Don't let your film camera collection gather dust—use them! Here's a YouTube channel filled with tutorials for collectible cameras.

By Mason Resnick

Ade Torrent loves old cameras. That's clear from the Welcome video for his new YouTube channel, which he straightforwardly has named "Old Cameras." But he's not just any film camera collector. He is a user, and wants to share his enthusiasm for the odlies-but-not-moldies.

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